Variable DC Power Supply

While my DIY fixed voltage power supply has been a mainstay on my workbench, its options of 3.3v, 5v and 12v have been a little lacking as of late. It's time to make a variable voltage supply to provide more power options for my projects. This solution is capable of providing 1.2v to 14v and is easily upgradeable to around 30v if need be.

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Top Drip / DWC Hydroponics

As winters coming up, I've been experimenting with with hydroponics for some indoor growing during the colder weather. This design uses a manifold made from poly pipe to distribute the nutrients to each plant and a small bubble bar with an air pump to oxygenate the nutrient reservoir.

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Dog Tag Engraving

My dog could use a new tag and I'm conveniently doing some work for BK Signs at the moment. They're a visual promotions company in Broome, Western Australia. As an added job perk, they're equipped with plenty of toys including a CNC router, wide format printer and the Roland Camm-2 engraver used to make this dog tag.

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