Chocolate Tin Speaker

I refuse to use the speakers built into my iPhone. They’re adequate for what they are but I want more. After rummaging around I located a 7.2v RC Battery, USB laptop Speakers and a chocolate tin. This project is a combination of these and a few other parts modified into a portable and rechargeable speaker that provides a bit more power for your tunes.

The speakers have been disassembled and the wires shortened to suit being installed in the tin. A 7805 5v Voltage Regulator with a heatsink has been used to take the 7.2v+ from the RC battery and provide a more suitable 5v to power the USB speakers. Although it only gets mildly warm while operating, the heatsink is probably a good idea.

The potentiometer that controls the volume needed to be desoldered and wire connected to extend it from the circuit board allowing installation in the front panel of the tin. The switch receives the power from the battery and routes it to either the charge port for charging, the voltage regulator to power the speaker system or nothing to power off. Holes have been drilled in the tin to accommodate the speaker, switches and LEDs. The charge port was cut with a rotary tool. A slot has also been cut in the back of the lid and tin to allow the audio jack to protrude.

The inside of the tin has been lined with tape to insulate and prevent a short. Another red LED was added to show when the unit is set to charge and to help satisfy my general obsession with LEDs. As per usual, hot glue played its part. I’m happy with the result. It beats the iPhone speaker but could definitely be improved by using higher quality audio equipment. A build gallery is available at the following link.