XBox 360 Arcade Controller

There’s no comparison to playing arcade games with an actual arcade controller. I’ve been keen to play Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition but can’t bring myself to use a regular game pad. I had previously painted the housing of an XBox 360 console before it ‘red ringed’ on me. Turns out it was still going to be put it to work by building an arcade controller into the old consoles shell.

The controller is made from an original XBox 360 shell, wired XBox 360 controller, USB 2.0 hub, arcade parts and other odds and ends. The basic idea is that the buttons and controls are extended off of the wired controllers circuit board and connected to the arcade parts. As I’m partial to playing emulated console games on the Nintendo 64 and playstation one, I decided to keep the analog thumb sticks to make the arcade controller an all rounder, suitable to play as many games as possible. The benefit of using an XBox 360 controller is that it’s both compatible with the XBox 360 and PC.

The wired controllers buttons are extended by soldering ribbon cable to the contacts. A non-official controller obtained off eBay was used which proved to be easier than the official controllers as all of the button contacts are exposed and easy to solder. The button layout is the same as a MadCats Tournament Edition Controller (Top row: X, Y, RB, LB. Bottom Row: A, B, RT, LT). Start and back are located at the top and the original power button has been repurposed into the XBox guide button.

I made an effort to use the original parts. The front USB ports are functional. This was achieved by soldering a four port USB hub to both the front USB ports and the wired controller. The original power button is used as the XBox 360 guide button by adding a tact switch where the original on/off switch was located. It also lights up when connected as a RED led has been added behind the ring of light. Rumble had to be removed as the new controllers bulk render them useless however more red LEDs have been soldered to the rumble motor power connectors. These LEDs now light up when rumble is activated.

So far I’ve been able to slot in a decent session of arcade gaming and it performed well. It’s a suitable size to be used on a desk or your lap. I’ll be sure to give it some thorough testing. Image gallery available at this link.

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