My Childhood Pokemon Quilt

While doing some house cleaning I stumbled upon this gem from my childhood. Like many of my peers at the time, I spent my mornings before school watching the pokemon TV series on "Cheese TV". Although I enjoyed the show, I had no idea of the childhood obsession I was about to unleash until my parents gave me my long awaited copy of Pokemon Blue for my 10th birthday.

Pokemon Quilt

So many heated pokemon matches were played at my primary school that they decided to ban Gameboys at recess and lunch but we weren't to be stopped. My mates and I would gather behind the school garden shed and do battle, a process we repeated when we all had Digimon virtual pets.

Pokemon Quilt (Center view)

In our minds, we were totally hardcore. No idea how we managed to keep it up because we weren't really very descrete about it.

Pokemon Quilt (Top Right)

Far too much of my spare time was used training my team and once I was on the bus or in the school yard, the gameboy link cable was out and it was game on.

Pokemon Quilt (Bottom Left)

When it came time to update my bedspread, it had to be Pokemon but there wasn't really anything available at the time. My mother suggested we make a Pokemon quilt and I was on board.

Pokemon Quilt (Bottom Right)

I was tasked with illustrating the characters and helping cut all the various shapes. Mum worked her magic and sewed the whole ensemble together.

Pokemon Quilt (Top Left)

It reminds me of the golden era when there was only a quality 151 to collect. I treasured it while I was a Pokemaster and I still think it's pretty awesome.