Doll House Restoration

My girlfriend and I refurbished this doll house to give to her little sister for Christmas. A relative was selling the old doll house for $10 so we took it on as a 'fixer-upper' project.

Finished House w/out Roof

I did most of the wood work and painting, my girlfriend took on the furnishing and decoration. When first purchased, it was structurally solid but had definetely seen better days.

Before Restoration

The roof slots onto the two orange tabs when not in use. That panel across the front of the bottom floor was fixed into place for some reason and made it near impossible to access those rooms. I knocked it out and cleaned up the damage to open up the front.

Ready for Paint

A replacement panel was cut to be installed on a hinge so it swings down and out of the way. I attacked all the existing felt, wallpaper and glue with a paint scraper then sanded it back to a smooth finish.

Freshly Painted

A few coats of flat white provide a nice base colour. Meanwhile, the bulsar wood furniture was being assembled using the near-useless instructions provided. You can't complain too much when you bought them off eBay for $6 though.

Bulsar Furniture Pre-assembly

After plenty of wood glue and some touching up with filler and sandpaper it was all together.

Assembled Bulsar Furniture

The furniture was painted in either mission brown or off-white depending on which suited. 

Two Chairs w/ Cushions and Rug

A little bit of additional painting and some accessories top them off.

Bathroom Vanity

A few packets of pop sticks provided the materials for miniature hard wood floors. Just cut to length with snips and stick down with wood glue.

Laying Floorboards

A small weight was used to prevent lifting. I ended up laying wood floors in the bedroom, balcony, stairwell, kitchen and the outside area to make a nifty deck. A quick sand once dried and it's done. It could have been stained as well for extra effect but we thought the light colour looked good and we were pressed for time.


These sheets of mosaic tiles were purchased from my local salvage yard to tile the roof, bathroom and kitchen.

Mosaic Tiles

The roof panels were painted a base colour of mid grey. Once dry, the grey and off-white tiles were mixed and painstakingly adhered to the roof. 

Tiled Rooftop

A few tiles had to be cut to size with a dremel and cutting wheel to fit smaller spaces. It all started coming together at this point. The dining area of the lower left room was treated to some pink felt carpet and all we need to do was add furniture and accessories.

Ready for Furnishing

The missus did a top job with all the little accessories (linens, curtains, pillows, rugs etc.) which really add the icing to the cake.


Many of the materials used were purchased from discount stores including the sticky paintings, pop sticks, beads, scrapbooking paper, mini mirrors and some of the bulsar furniture. 


The paints are all just the $3 basic variety spray paints. These provided an ample but limited palette of colours. The doll house has flat white (base colour), mid grey (roof), mission brown and off white (furniture). 


I also used the pop sticks for hand railings, window sills and skirting boards.

Kitchen / Dining Area

I bought a small bag of assorted watch parts from eBay a year or so ago. Finally came in handy to make a clock face on the grandfather clock.

Living Room

The materials ended up costing around $60AU. We're happy with the results and the present was well received. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.